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Gillian Mylles has been appointed General Manager of The Residence Edinburgh in Edinburgh

Gillian Mylles has been appointed General Manager of The Residence Edinburgh in Edinburgh. 

Scotland - In an exciting development for the Edinburgh hospitality scene, Gillian Mylles has been appointed General Manager of The Residence, Edinburgh during a key period in her leadership of the hotel's launch In the heart of Scotland's capital.

The Residence, Edinburgh, a 164-room retreat, has undergone a remarkable transformation from its 1960s environs into an enduring attraction in the city's landscape. 

Developed in collaboration with McTuck Family & Partners, this upscale hotel is the sixth installment of the famous concept "The Residence".

With a wide range of experience in some of the UK's leading hotel groups This includes working at Malmaison, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, and InterContinental. 

Gillian brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. This is especially true in Edinburgh's very dynamic hotel market.

The Residences received widespread praise, especially The Residence Covent Garden, which received top rankings. in the Tripadvisor rankings for London and was named second best hotel in the UK for 2023 in the same report. 

The Residence Liverpool holds the honorary title of number one hotel on Tripadvisor in the area. of it With an outstanding track record of Net Promoter Scores (NPS), The Residence Edinburgh is poised to represent excellence in Scotland's capital.

Importantly, The Residence Victoria and The Residence Kensington have emerged as reputable hotels in the top 10% of hotels worldwide on Tripadvisor, while The Residence Soho dominates. 

Ranking 20th in London, it is clear that the brand's aircraft are renowned for their excellent guest experience.

Looking ahead, The Residence has ambitious growth plans. The goal is to increase accommodations through management and development. 

To add another 1,500 rooms over the next five years, The Residence is poised to cement its position as a leader in the hotel hospitality scene. both in the UK and abroad

The appointment of Gillian Mylles as General Manager is an exciting conclusion to The Residence Edinburgh, promising guests an unprecedented experience that will be characterized by innovation, sustainability and Unparalleled service

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