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British man charged under new national security law for allegedly helping Russian terrorists launch napalm attack

In this important event, Two British men have been charged under national security laws adopted by the new government. Among the possible contributions to the Russian all-rounder, Dylan Earl, 20, from Elmestorpe in Leicestershire, and Jake Reeves, 22, from Croydon, were involved. An investigation was launched following an incident at a warehouse in east London in March.

An investigation led by the Troll Police's Innate Anti-Terrorism Officer. The Troll Police's Innate Terrorism Prevention Department. It marked Earl's admission and Reeves as the first to face charges under the mentioned law. Meanwhile, other suspects involved in the warehouse incident are being summoned to face separate charges. Dylan and Reeves were chosen as the men who took part in the Russian multi-purpose rescue.

Although legal action will be taken strictly only today are the details revealed due to legal restrictions. Versatile has appeared at Westminster County Court to face serious charges. It's called malice. Reeves is also facing charges of profiting from foreign information services along with charges of malicious wounding.

An investigation into an outbreak of fire that occurred at an industrial site on Staffa Road in Leyton. The genius points out that this happens by using accelerators such as gasoline. Further mobilization to deal with the fire involved eight fire trucks and 60 firefighters.

Targeted business Listed as courier services Oddisey and Meest UK are owned by Mykhaylo Prykhodko, also known as Mikhail Boikov and his wife Jelena Boikova, who live in London. While the charges do not directly name the owner. Records from Companies House connect the targeted businesses to the couple.

Nick Price, head of the Department of Justice's Counter-Terrorism Office's Special Crimes and Counter-Terrorism Division, confirmed that Dylan was accused of engaging in activities intended to be linked to the business. linked to Ukraine to support Russian interests He emphasized that Dylan Earle is accused of being involved in planning a fire attack on commercial property linked to Ukraine.

The National Security Act of 2023, under which the best estate named Dylan and Reeves are accused Its purpose is to improve and strengthen Britain's defenses against attacks by ordinary psychics. terrorism and national interference with democracy, the economy, and national values.

Dylan's charges include preparing an act that risks life or endangers public safety. Assistance to foreign information services and malice Meanwhile, Reeves is facing charges of benefiting from foreign intelligence agencies and malicious acts.

Both Dylan and Reeves, among other suspects, are due to face May 10 at the Old Bailey as legal proceedings are underway to reveal details of the case that highlight the challenges that remain from the intervention of foreign countries and the need for strong national security measures

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